Music Ministry

St. William has an extensive Music Department. We offer opportunities for all ages to share their musical talents for the service of God and the church. We have several vocal choirs, ranging from adults through grade school.

Our school choir encompasses children grades 2 through grade 8. Our Sunday and special liturgy choir includes both St. William School students and our Faith Formation students combined. This choir also includes grades 2 through 8. Together, these students form new friendships and blend their talents, forming a wonderful singing group.

Our Adult Vocal Choir and Our Resurrection Choir serve vital ministries to the church, enhancing the liturgies and engaging the congregation in prayer and song. Our cantor program is extensive and our cantors serve in ministry by leading the congregation in prayer.

All are welcome to participate in this most holy ministry of music in St. William Parish.

Please contact Bill Richart at [email protected] for more information.