CSA 2022

To donate to CSA 2022, please click BELOW.  The link will take you directly to the CSA donation page at the Archdiocese of Detroit where you can either set up a pledge (you must sign up for a few account) or make a QUICK GIVE for one-time payments to CSA.

CSA Online payments

CSA Explanation from the Parish Office

Whenever anyone wants to know where it is best to give to benefit the parish, or asks about giving to Christmas, or wants direction when giving an IRA or RMD, we would like to share this:

CSA is a bill the parish must pay!

1.  If a donor gives $100 to offertory, then $7 is assessed by the Archdiocese and it raises next year's CSA target.

2.  If a donor gives $100 to Christmas collection, $0 is assessed but it raises next year's CSA target

3.  When a donor gives $100 to CSA, there is no assessment and no increase in next year's CSA.

4.  In dioceses where there is no annnual appeal, the assessment is typically well over 20%.