Safe Environments

Age 19+

St. William Parish is committed to a safe environment for all of our children and adults with disabilities. Every volunteer who would work with children or in a private setting with an adult are required to be PGC (Protecting God’s Children) certified. This workshop is available in the Parish and elsewhere in the Archdiocese. Please see the AOD website ( for other sites.

(9th Grade through age 18)

Called to Serve is an interactive workshop for high school aged teens. The program is designed to guide, empower and encourage teens to promote and model safe and nurturing behavior in their jobs, parishes and the greater community. Participants learn to recognize appropriate behavior and understand physical, emotional and behavioral boundaries, particularly in relation to their work with younger children. Called to Serve is designed to be presented in a one-time three (3) hour workshop. All teens attending are required to submit a Permission Form signed by a parent or guardian to be admitted to the workshop.

Who is required to attend? All teens, grades 9-12, who are:

  • A paid or stipend employee of a parish, school or agency affiliated
    with the Archdiocese of Detroit (or)
  • A volunteer whose activities through a parish, school or agency affiliated with the Archdiocese of Detroit may involve contact with children.

To review Called to Serve materials, contact Jeanne Martin in the Religious Education Office.

(PS through 8th Grade)

During the Catechetical year every Religious Education student in PS through 8th grade receives one to three sessions on Circle of Grace (Safe Environments Training), as mandated by the Archbishops office in the fall of 2008. What is Circle of Grace? Circle of Grace is the love and goodness that surrounds us and all others. It is the recognition that God is with us always and is there to help us in difficult situations.

Through the Circle of Grace program, adults assist children and youth to recognize God’s love by understanding that each of us lives and moves within a Circle of Grace. Your Circle of Grace holds your very essence in body, mind, heart, soul and sexuality. This is taught in a visual and real way. Because this holistic concept includes all senses it allows children and young people to identify uncomfortable situations long before inappropriate touch may occur. The Circle of Grace program teaches children and young people to seek help from a trusted adult, reinforcing God’s presence in their real life struggles.

To review Circle of Grace materials, contact Deacon Mike in the
Religious Education Office.