Stewardship - Time

SIMPLE STEWARDSHIP: 525,600 minutes

 Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes.
Five hundred twenty-five thousand moments so dear.
five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes.
How do you measure, measure a year?

These lyrics, from “Seasons of Love”, ask an important question of us and we each need to come up with our own answer.  But no matter how you measure it, time remains one of the most valuable things a person can “spend.”

When we think of things of value, we think of possessions, people and things like health and love. But time is also valuable. Just like any item which exists only in a specific amount, the value of time lies in the fact that there is only so much of it and once it’s used up, it’s GONE. And, as scripture tells us, we have no idea how much time we actually have as the “total” is not revealed to us.

That makes it even more important that we pay close attention to how we are spending our “coin of time.” Are we spending it all on ourselves? Or are we wasting it, talking about what we wish to accomplish instead of accomplishing it? Finally. are we deluding ourselves that there is “plenty of time” so a few wasted or misused hours don’t really matter in the great scheme of things?

A true understanding of stewardship begins with taking care of and sharing the “coin of time.”  Stewardship of

time involves the realization that none of us “owns” time.  God has given us only so much of it, Planning a careful schedule to have the time to work, to rest, to play, to pray, and to “give back to God” is vital in the stewardship of our physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual lives.

In a busy secular society like ours, time is one of the most precious possessions and gifts we have. How we spend that time is perhaps the clearest indication of our progress in a life of Christian discipleship.

We remind you again that the commissions and ministries of the parish will be ramping back up and you will be “called to serve.” We prayerfully ask that you answer His call, embrace the mantle of Christian Stewardship, and graciously offer at least some of the 525,600 minutes of the next year to help advance the mission here at St. William Parish:  “To live the Good News so joyfully, that we can’t help but proclaim it!”