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As our Parish continues the move from “maintenance to mission, “communication is the key. With it, all things are possible. Without it, we will not be successful. This is why the Parish seeks to make a greater use of Flocknote to communicate parishioners and for ministries to communicate within. Flocknote provides smart text messaging and email management.

To sign up, text STWILLIAM2 to 84576 and follow the prompts.  It is that easy!

Why Flocknote for St. William

Flocknote is perfect for communicating with everyone or any group, but it can also be used by the entire church so that all ministry communication and member information is kept in one place.

Here are some of the reasons why St. William is making  a “press” for Flocknote:

  • Made for ministry – not just
  • So simple, anyone can use
  • Does beautiful email PLUS text messaging!
  • Two-way communication

As a ministry, or member of one, here is what you can get:

  • Send beautiful email
  • Auto-mobile responsive email
  • Send quick, simple
  • Send text
  • Built-in quick polls, RSVPS, group discussions, and even Signups for Sunday services and more
  • Safe Environment Compliant
  • Happiness Engineers who share your mission (support group)

Flocknote is for ministry – not just marketing – as Flocknote does great email PLUS text messaging!

 Email marketing tools are good at helping marketers send email. But so often email is not the best way to reach some people. In fact, text messaging is the #1 way to reach people today, by far (with a 99% open rate).

Additionally, Flocknote gives each subscriber the ability to customize how they get info from you (for example, they can get your text messages as email, or your emails as texts).

It is so easy that even the least tech-savvy person will love using it as their evangelization tool.