St. William Parish Hospitality Ministry

The Hospitality Ministry’s Mission is to take a leadership role in changing the culture within St. William Parish towards “radical hospitality” as described in Unleash the Gospel, welcoming current parishioners, new parishioners, guests and strangers alike, by the parish embracing all in the love of Jesus Christ, His saving grace and His desire for them to become His disciples.

The Hospitality Ministry’s Goal is to ignite a an attitude of “radical hospitality” within the parish by seeking the Holy Spirit’s guidance to help us define it, discern areas in which the parish needs to improve, and determine how best to communicate it with the entire St. William Parish including working with existing ministries, groups and clubs so that it becomes a natural part of who the St. William Parish is in the Body of Christ.

 The Hospitality Ministry’s Work is targeted to impact the following areas of Parish life:

  • Environment
  • Sunday Experience
  • Events
  • Communication
  • Invitation
  • Personal Connection & Accompaniment

 To learn more about how you might be able to assist the Hospitality Ministry contact Elizabeth Smith via email at