Worship Technical Team

There are those who work “behind the scenes” to improve our ministries and to bring the Word of God to those who cannot attend mass/ministries in person. We appreciate their heart of service to the Lord and His people!  These technical ministries are primarily in the areas of:

*        EASY WORSHIP – All of our song lyrics, as well as images accenting the readings, are displayed on the big screen in the front of the church.  Every mass/wedding/funeral uses our large screen!  The Easy Worship minister presents these lyrics/images.  It is an easy program, operated on a laptop either in the choir loft or on the ‘floor” along side the choir.  Participants should have a general working knowledge of laptop operation.

*       CAMERAS – Each mass/ministry that uses the seating in the Activity Center or streams live requires a camera system operator.  We have 4 cameras in the church, plus what the Easy Worship feed shows.  These views are selected by the camera operator!  All of the cameras are controlled upstairs at the camera console.  Participants should have a good grasp of the flow of a mass so they can focus the camera on what’s important during the ministry.  Also, someone comfortable with technology would work out best.

*        STREAMING – St. William Catholic Church live-streams the Sunday 10 am mass, as well as certain other ministries.  The Streaming Tech sets up the connections to Facebook/YouTube, accents the camera feed with names of pastor, lectors, etc., and trims the livestream at the end, making it ready to be re-viewed later.  This position is probably the most technically demanding of the 3 viewing ministries.

*        SOUND – This is an emerging ministry.  Our sound system can be controlled by Ipad from anywhere in the church, and the desire is for a sound tech to sit halfway back in the congregation to fix/enhance sound for our ministries.  A very good ear is required!

*        “TECHIES” – This is a new group composed of young men and women of high school/college ages.  Operating as almost a ministry ‘club’, the Techies will assist with all manner of technical needs for any ministry, especially those that are more “contemporary.” There is a possibility to be trained on area lighting in the near future.

ANY of these technical ministries are open to anyone in the parish.  Training and mentoring will be provided.

If you are interested, please contact Bill Richart at (989) 233-0352 or brichart@hotmail.com. Thank you!