Leaders Day Reviews

Leaders’ Day Evaluation

February 24, 2024

 As with any NEW undertaking, feeback is very important.  This is what those in attendance shared about the experience.

What is your one take-away from this day?

  • Anyone can evangelize
  • Was well done – and all prayers songs were relevant
  • Stay close to Jesus, the holy mass, sacraments, prayer and then take it out into the world with the aid of the Holy Spirit.
  • God is alive and working. He listens to our prayers and is never tired
  • That we all (newer & older) participants have great ideas
  • Time with the Lord! Listing my story.  Praise!
  • Testimony
  • The day was excellent! Father Enno gave me ideas on how to deal with fall away kids plus the keys to successful evangelization.
  • This was a very inspirational experience. It also made me aware of how I can evangelize and that I need to have more than 1 or 2 stories.
  • Jesus loves me and has always been with me. I can evangelize and will.
  • To love without the thought of self. To share Jesus is the expression of that kind of love.
  • How do we get more Parishioners involved? I looked around the room saw most of the same folks who are already doing everything!
  • It was a good day. There was wonderful prayer and God touched my heart in many ways.  I found an answer to one of my prayers.
  • Evangelization is a personal responsibility.
  • Loved Fr. Enno. The breaks – even just stretches. A good day.
  • So much love in this parish.
  • I need to step up and spread the Word of God to others. I feel closer and more connected with other parishioners who attended.
  • One minute talk
  • Always joyful to praise of God in a group. We definitely need God as seen in our testimonies.  Everyone has a story to share.
  • New perspective on Unleash the Gospel “Maintenance and Mission”. Need to keep up personal maintenance (Mass, Sacraments – esp Eucharist and Reconciliation, devotions, retreats, Adoration, etc.) to be strong enough for the mission of evangelizing others.
  • “Woe to me if I do not speak the Gospel!”
  • It was just a fantastic day! From the start to finish.  It actually went too fast.  I was brought to tears and moved.
  • Not what I expected. The emails and text invitation didn’t explain that this was an evangelization workshop.  The word leadership made it sound like the parish was seeking feedback from the leadership.
  • I’m so glad I came.
  • It was a great start to understanding tools that I need to develop to comfortably evangelize.
  • It was very good to have a time to focus on the Lord and not the business of the day. This would be very good to offer a one day for others to experience this day.  

Thank you all for your comments (we'll post the suggestions a bit later.)   And to the last comment, don't worry we will be offering this day more than just once.  Remember, we are all called to be "joyful missionary disciples." 

God bless.