Summer '24: Repair & Rebuild


For some time now, St. William has to take a "band-aid" approach to the maintenance of our facilities due in a large part to the debt incurred by building the Activity Center and because our parish revenue has been flat for the last several years.

Salaries, benefits, mission needs, utilities have all gone up, but our donations have not. 

Finally we are presented with a situation where projects that "repair & rebuild" can no longer be put on hold.  Just take a look at the west facade of the church . . .  It's not just the paint!  The structure is actually crumbling around us. You will be hearing more about the projects and progress on our goal. 

And this is just one of the many areas in need of attention.  You will be hearing more about the projects and progress on our goal.  For more information on what is being planned, take a look at this short presentation. 

So this year, instead of our usual Catholic Services Appeal, St. William is running a "Repair & Rebuild" Appeal.  We need to finance projects throughout the church totaling over $700,000.  We have money in savings to cover the first $250,000.  We are asking you to pledge and help us raise the additional $450,000 over the next 10 months.  

Why bother you may ask. Our Mission is to bring people to the Lord!  Part of that mission means welcoming people—which we already get high marks on!  But part of making people feel welcomed is to have a welcoming environment, and some areas of our church facilities need help.  We can only do this when our parish is welcoming, attractive, and structurally sound.  

The best way to help is to pledge on-line.  just follow this LINK.  We are using the processing power of the Archdiocese and the CSA platform because, as we run this through the CSA process,  the diocese will cover all the fees.  Pledge and pay with a credit card?  The 3-4% processing fee is paid by the diocese.  In addition:

  • We get 100% of donations over our required target.
    • Overfunding does not impact CSA required targets.
  • ANY other form of a capital campaign is taxed at 7%.
    • Regular donations are taxed and affect the CSA target.
    • Christmas donations are not taxed,but do affect the CSA target.

Thank you for your consideration and your prayers for our success! 
God Bless,